Shazz Sharon Browne


2 years ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting The Legend of the Beauty Industry – Anthony Battaglia -. If you’ve been in the arena for a minute, then you must have owned one or more of his tools, specifically the Conair Styling Pick… I was invited yo give an impromptu speech at tge eventvand I gave a testimonial on his Blue Flex Brush (I still have mine from 28 years ago – She’s missing some teeth now). I retailed tgem at my salons until tgry eent out of production. Every client eho got a weave, bought a Flex Brush. They were great detanglers, but i also used my to blowdry, style and apply color… Mr. Battaglia had sold his company and been in retirement for many years. My testimonial inspired the CEO of Micore International to place a big order. This ultimately pulled the Legend out of retirement. The great news was that even though he had sold his company, he still owned the mold… today his products are gracing the shelves of Sally Beauty Supply. His “BIG TEASE” is all the rave and is a multifaceted tool that every progressive hairstylist should add to their collection. BTW, all his products are Made In America! Long Live The Legend!!!
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